Confluence was formed in the fall of 2006 by Allison Olsson and several singers with a similar vision. Their idea was a small choir with no more than 20 singers, which would sing an eclectic variety of challenging music truly excellently. All the members of the choir share that common goal. During the past few years, Confluence has realized a passion for performing the work of living composers, particularly American composers.

The singers in Confluence enjoy a wide range of musical styles. The group performs jazz, barbershop, multi-cultural, Broadway show tunes, popular, rock and roll, classical, Baroque, gospel, and modern music. The members and director all share a common purpose, summed up in the group's mission statement:

Confluence exists for the joy of making excellent music in an atmosphere of nurturing, mutual support, freedom to explore, to challenge and be challenged without competition or hierarchy.

In addition to performing concerts three or four times a year, Confluence has sung at parties, weddings, and other events, often as a subset of the whole choir, which may be a quartet, octet, or other group.  Confluence is available for hire as the whole choir or a subset of the group.

Upcoming Concerts